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Your service and Olga (she's the best) made everything perfect. Sophie never looked so good!
-Ed P., San Diego

Thank you both very much for sending your sweet Olga over this morning.  I will be posting a great review for all of you later, Olga is no doubt one of the bravest women I have ever met!  Despite many protests and hisses, she got both of the cats groomed, claws clipped, etc., although there was one of them she (correctly!) decided not to bathe since he was raising hell.  We are very pleased with your great company, and Olga, and will definitely want to use you again. 
-Niki and Don S., San Diego

I just want you to know how much we like Olga.  I ask her to trim Barney a little shorter than usual, because he is going to be in La Mesa and it's hot there.  She did an excellent job, not to short, but just as I ask her to do and she is so nice and friendly.  Tell her thanks.
-Eileen F., San Diego

Animal Artistry Mobile Grooming is the best in San Diego. Olga does an amazing job. She's warm and loving with our dog and friendly and professional with us. I'd definitely recommend giving Olga a call.
-Cari Hanson, San Diego

I was really pleased with Luke's grooming!  Olga was very sweet and did a great job!  Luke looked so adorable with his new short trim.  Olga even mentioned a possible ear infection in Luke's left ear, so a trip to the vet confirmed that he did in fact have an ear infection. So I was very thankful that she mentioned it to me.  
-Sheryl S., San Diego

Olga is fantastic!  She did a wonderful job grooming the animals, and she is very nice, and seems very compassionate with the animals!
-Jennifer N., Rancho Bernardo

Just a quick note of thanks for the wonderful service your team provided for us.  I posted on Yelp for you about the great service as well as mentioned you on my facebook page with a picture of the princess with her new "do". Olga was very attentive to what I 'didn't want" and did an awesome job cutting her with my very poor description!!  Lexy came walking up to the front door with her tail wagging and I couldn't be happier! I'll look forward to our continued relationship in the future.
-Betty, San Diego

I just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with Olga. Not only did she do a great grooming she had such a great way with the dogs. My older one has always been difficult to groom and she somehow won him over.
-Wendy, San Diego

mobile cat grooming san diego

Olga was fantastic. I wasn't sure I'd torture my kitties with it again while it was happening but then they same out looking fabulous and seemed actually happy. Loved it.

-Amie, San Diego

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