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Animal Artistry truly is grooming with love! Learn about how Olga Brumm started out and how she got where she is today. From Chicago to San Diego, Olga has worked hard to make every pet comfortable and beautiful.

Olga Brumm has worked in different professional fields, including being a psychologist, a manager at a big corporation, and a paralegal at a law firm. But, being unhappy with office work, and while volunteering for the Chicago Animal Anti-Cruelty Society, she realized that working with animals was so much more emotionally rewarding! So, she dropped everything and enrolled in the Chicago Academy of Grooming Arts, which she graduated from in 2007. Since then she worked at an upscale downtown Chicago grooming studio and, after moving to California in 2011, she has been working for Animal Artistry Grooming ever since. Olga enjoys being around animals, making a grooming process a truly "spa-like" experience for a pet- playful, relaxing, and stress-free. She believes that becoming a groomer has been her smartest professional move, and that grateful kisses from a pet at the end of a grooming session are the best "perks and bonuses" of her work. Olga has a rescued dog, Bailey, and a cat Zosya.

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